- innovative EPS plastic foam solutions

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in the field of color and specialty EPS (Expandable Polystyrene). Our flexible manufacturing process allow us to meet your every need.

Polysource is a worldwide leader

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in almost every type of helmet - from bicycle, skiing and equestrian to motorcycle and Formula One Racing helmets. Helmets manufactured with Polysource EPS consistently outperform the competition.

Polysource EPS can be found

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serves the needs of local US customers who require either color EPS or specialty EPS such as Piocelan™.
Polysource Molded EPS Division
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Polysource proprietary manufacturing technology

ensures high quality as well as high performance. These attributes have been a major part of our success in becoming a leader in our field.

During this time of uncertainty related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Polysource’s primary concern is for the safety of our employees, vendors and customers. Polysource is maintaining normal business hours at this time. We continue to monitor information from the CDC and the WHO and have enacted procedures to minimize the spread of the virus and risk of infection within our facility. We will revise our policies and communicate any changes to our service if needed and as new public health information becomes available.

We take EPS to the highest level

Using our in-house manufacturing expertise we can help you create an EPS material that is light, strong, durable and amazingly versatile. Whether aimed at enhancing your packaging solutions or revolutionizing your product line, our expertise and high quality resins can help you achieve your goals and beyond.

Quality is everything

Polysource understands the importance of high and consistent quality. Achieving the highest quality possible is an admirable goal but maintaining it is the ultimate challenge. By achieving this quality standard Polysource has built lasting customer relationships worldwide.

Founded in 1990

Polysource has manufactured color EPS (expandable polystyrene) resin and specialty EPS co-polymers for over 25 years. Our worldwide customer base typically consists of EPS molders that produce shape-molded products for a variety of applications. An untiring commitment to quality and service has made us a leader in its industry.