- innovative EPS plastic foam solutions

Applications EPS (Expandable Polystyrene)

Below a few examples of different applications using Polysource’ Colored EPS (colored foam beads).


ConsumBigConsumer Products – helmets

Bicycle, skating, skiing, riding helmets, toys, building blocks, model airplanes; all these and more can be enhanced through the use of Polysource EPS. Whether you want to increase the safety, durability or novelty of your products, we have the solution.




What better way to pack, ship and display fragile or breakable items!From glassware and electronics to engines and parts, it is strong, resilient and it absorbs shocks and vibrations. For the most complete protection against shipping and handling hazards, molded EPS packaging is, by far, the most effective. It can be molded to the most intricate and complicated shapes. It can cushion extremely fragile items, yet is strong enough for large, heavy objects.




Enhance your product with colored EPS packaging. The right color will improve the aesthetic appeal of your product. The use of color will enhance point-of-purchase displays. The ease of handling and the mobility of lightweight Polystyrene is matched by its strength and stackability. The versatility of design, color and function is limited only by need and imagination.