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_OJN3317EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) – 100% recyclable

Keeping the environment clean and free of waste is today as natural and imperative as breathing. Proactively involved in environmental conservation programs from the very start, we at Polysource consider EPS (Expandable Polystyrene) a recyclable resource too valuable to waste. Proud of our roots in Environmental conservation, Polysource has a North American infra structure in place for collecting and reprocessing clean EPS. This was established in order to fulfill our initial venture, namely collecting and recycling post consumer and post industrial EPS packaging. Reduced with the help of densifiers to a fraction of its original volume, the EPS waste is later reused as feedstock for our recycled EPS product line. Non-toxic and 100 percent recyclable, EPS is simply too useful a product to go to waste. Which is why Polysource is committed to using EPS in an environmentally responsible way.

Today Polysource is a reputed supplier of the highest quality resins, our environmental background means we can offer our customers the whole product cycle from virgin raw material supply to complete recycling capabilities.