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Biostyr® Media

Biostyr® Media is a patented biological water cleaning process developed by Veolia Water, the world leader in water services and water treatment. Biostyr® Media uses EPS beads from Polysource as filter media.

Polysource is approved in all media sizes of filtration media and has been a preferred supplier to Veolia Water since June 2006.

Our manufacturing facility in Piqua, Ohio USA, encompassing 18 000 m², houses our raw material production as well as our media processing plant. To date, all media for delivery to North America installation is shipped from this facility while overseas orders are shipped in raw material form for further processing near the media installation sites.

Advantages of Polysource Biostyr® Media:

  • No Bromines – unlike other suppliers of filtration media, Polysource Biostyr® Media is manufactured without bromine (a known carcinogen).
  • Minimal Explosion Risk – Polysource Biostyr® Media uses iso-pentane as an expanding agent, there by reducing the potential of pentane accumulating during the installation by a factor of 10. This in turn, reduces the explosion risk by the same factor.
  • Uniform Media Size – Polysource manufacturing technology ensures a more uniform media size therefore enhancing the performance of the filter.
  • Faster Delivery – Polysource manufacturing technology reduces lead time.


Select installations:

  • Baltimore, Maryland USA, 12 484 m³ (2014)
  • New Rochelle, New York USA, 7 394 m³ (2014)
  • Brighton, UK, 6 661 m³ (2012)
  • Lisbon, Portugal, 12 140 m³ (2009)
  • Blackburn, UK, 2 770 m³ (2009)
  • Kingston, Canada, 6 225 m³ (2008)
  • Kaukauna, Wisconsin USA, 2 692 m³ (2007)
  • Cassis, France, 275  m³ (2006)